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Haru sushi

Haru Sushi is a modern sushi buffet with two locations in Helsinki. Their unique approach to the craft of making sushi, wide selection of different sushi and modern atmosphere of the restaurant makes Haru Sushi one of the best sushi buffet restaurants in Helsinki.
One of the main aims was to escape the usual perception of a Sushi buffet, where sushi are loosing their uniqueness and becoming a mass production product. We wanted to emphasise the craft of each and every piece that person is eating.
As well, we wanted to educate people about Japanese traditions, and how to eat sushi. We created small video tutorials were you can learn how to use a soy sauce correctly and how to eat with chopsticks.

We wanted to embrace people to create their own story of the place and we are encouraging people to take pictures, which we are seing more and more every day. So main aims for the social media was to increase the brand awareness and engage people.

Strategy: Oksana Svirchevska, Sonja Mednikova
Images & Videos: Irina Edilbaeva
Copywriting: Aoife Carry
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