Who to follow #1

Posted Sep 21
Who to follow is our new rubric where each of the team member of FOSTER FOR team is going to share the pages that they adore from the point of handling social media. This is an opportunity to learn from established profiles their techniques and probably tp try to implement it for your social media startegy.

Today out managing director - Oksana is here to show you and show some appreciation to her favorite CURATED INSTAGRAMS for the fashion brands.

I used to live in Budapest for more than 2 years and have recently returned from my vacation/reunion-with-my-favourite-city, which is full of different fashion brands and fashion enthusiasts who are worth the attention of fashionistas of such a style centers as New York, Copenhagen and Paris. I am really delighted with how things are progressing for one brand which is called called Nanushka and I always keep an eye on their SM content just to get inspired. Instagram of @nanushka is curated with love and big taste, that makes people follow the page and creating a strong bond with the customers, which in marketing world is called brand loyalty. The feed itself is full of not only pictures of the clothes and products from the brand but also so called mood-creating pics, that overall shape the atmosphere on the account, which honestly is tempting.

Its my list, so I choose only pages that create a response in my soul. So here is @ader_error which is so generation Z that can only trigger honest hysterical laugh in the face of adulthood. We all see the new generation coming and feel how they are different from what we are made of (Avril Lavigne singing on the car and coca-cola cherry) and these new kids are so stylish that even we can nearly handle. Thats why I like to keep an eye on whats going on not to get lost in the world of old men. But really, Ader is so cool, especially their website, I simply love it. For their instagram they normally use simple showcasing of the pieces from the collections, some layout patterns, opinion leader feature. And of course - the style, in everything. Isn't it a key to get and maintain 437k satisfied followers?

his list is short but it would not be full without instagram page of @adidasoriginals. My eternal love and forever example to look up to. We favorite ideas for instagram are colleges and crazy animation, and honestly marketing team of Adidas originals, especially those hard-working beats from Social Media Marketing department and their designers team have never let me down. Its informative and beautiful and yes its a global brand that has worked its way to the top of the industry due to tons of different reasons, but one of it is marketing, and here is an illustration of how to make it work for your brand and gain 28,3m followers!

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