How to track what Helsinki eats?

Posted Mar 22
Markus #Heleats

Guys, let's face the truth — it takes time to prepare the material, but finally we are ready with the interview that we had with Markus Veikkolainen the founder of #heleats digital media that now took the new turn.

But let's get back to the day we met at a cafe on the International Women's Day, which Markus politely ignored. But that's fine, we almost forgot about it ourselves, and did not even expect anything. Did not expect flowers or something. But yes, back to the topic.

The story of Heleats goes back to 2014 when Markus started studying e-commerce specialization and travel in Haaga-Helia which turns out to be our alma mater as well.

"I met my teacher and coach Ilka Kauppinen, who is an online marketing guru and has his own startup Arctic Warriors making superfoods and it felt like a flashlight in the darkness." While studying social media, online marketing, video marketing (basically everything supporting e-commerce) Markus realized that he needs to implement his knowledge in order to know exactly how to do it well.

So from the start the idea was to build a versatile food media showing what Helsinki eats, and also to help the city to become culinary capital of Nordics, so they started working on the website, facebook, — and then founded the company.

"Heleats Intsagram is still our primary channel with the biggest outreach.It started very well, that our own hashtag #heleats has become a tag used by locals to showcase what Helsinki eats, an yes, this is our biggest accomplishment." Of course, in the beginning, there was nobody inviting Markus anywhere, but as the time passed the situation turned the other way around. After 2 years appeared a realization that the food media is a nice thing with the great goal behind it, but you also need to make money with the food media.

There are a couple of ways to do that, one of them is — sponsored content.

"Sponsored content is not what we want to do 100% and with our skillset in social media, e-commerce, and hospitality we started to realize that we should switch to creating content for the places, in some way helping to promote them. We started with restaurants, still offering them showcasing, but mostly providing them marketing services. But our strength is hotels for the revenue management and distribution with the wide offering." To make this material more visual let's make a small chart of how Markus ended up where he is now.

MARKUS + 10 years in HOSPITALITY → creating INSTAGRAM + talking to his girlfriend during the breakfast → creating a CONTENT PRODUCTION company

So now Markus is working within a team of 5 people, where each of them is in charge of photography, web design, social media, and coordinating all of the projects.

Problem -solution quiz by Markus
Problem: 98% the hoteliers and restaurateurs don't actually know that you can ask for help in terms of social media, instead of doing it on your own. But they lack time, no skills and budget due to high cost for the advertisement agencies

Solution: outsource it smaller communication and SMM agencies like the one Markus run or to Foster For.

Problem: there are still plenty of people who do not believe in social media as a marketing tool

Solution: build a base for the warm leads and basically get invited to help the people who are already familiar with the services and decided that they need it.

"You hire professional that has time, passion, dedication as well as you are basically purchasing an already ready solution not getting bored with all the managerial task, but instead enjoying ready product." We thank Markus and are already preparing to collaborate on the terms of the shared projects.

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