We organize various courses and events to educate marketing professionals and build a community.
Our fast changing world requires us to constantly learn. New tools and techniques are evolving every day and we have to know how to use them in order to be top players in the game.

Here at FOSTERFOR Education, we teach from scratch and help advanced specialists upgrade their skills in social media and digital marketing.

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Education matters!
Why in particular things perform so well on social media and not event close on other platforms? How to create an effective strategy that would attract as many people as you want? And what are the actual tools that professionals use while working on social media?

Foster For's team in collaboration with leading marketing professionals in Helsinki have prepared the programme that would answer questions and more questions.
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Our upcoming events
FosterFor Education
Soon we are launching FosterFor Education - a series of lectures for Social Media specialists. You will learn how to create powerful strategies for Social Media, how to create breathtaking content, how to write great texts and how to work with influencers.
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Looking back
We have lots of going on here at Foster For.
So, if you've been to one of our events you'll find your candids here!
Share them on social media and reminisce about what you learnt, and all the great memories you've had.
FosterFor Yoga
We love sport! During summer we have a weekly yoga sessions, usually on Sundays. Drop us an email if you would like to join!
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Lecture + Workshop
On May 17th we had a lecture about Content Creation and Workshop by Marita Eriksson.
"Content Creation for Social Media"

If you ever wondered how to plan, create and track breathtaking content - it's time to get the answers. We will stuff you with practical tools, share the best practices and let you try it all during the workshop by Marita Eriksson (@Myblissktchn).

FosterFor Picnic
We had our first open to everyone picnic on a sunny Saturday in July. We planned a small picnic and had a 5-hour discussion club! It was amazing, we will definitely do it again. Stay tuned!
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