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Cultura Fest

Art festival in Helsinki
CulturaFest is a new experimental festival & creative laboratory with events in Helsinki and Vantaa.
Founded by Cultura-säätiö it included incredible exhibition RAPPU by Sasha Pasha, theatre, performances, cinema and even food with amazing chefs Ossi Paloneva Vitaly Istomin and Artem Losev.
We were particularly involved in the marketing part, coordinating the design team: connecting the creative minds and the festival crew.
As well: strategic planning of all branding & marketing details in social media and printed materials plan.
Design of CulturaFest

When creating a concept, the red brick color was chosen due to the venue Kino K-13 in Helsinki, which is an old brick building, a loft-like.

The other reason was an Autumn time of the event.
The colors had to be very soft and gentle, warm and cozy.

Designers have chosen the shape of a logo that is reaching for the audience, which is also very easy to work with.

Sofia, Project Manager: "We were trying to keep everything geometrical and to avoid the typical Russian-looking design, however, we still were reaching at some point the "truly Russian symbols" like birch (which is actually Finnish tree as well). We also wanted to have a soft line, which would relate the event with the Revolution anniversary and 100 years of Independence of Finland."

We want to say GREAT THANKS to everybody, for making this project so vivid and interesting!

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