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Posted Nov 8
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While in Europe the cannabis industry is still under the radar of the majority of the population, in the United States and Canada, it is a different story. In these countries, people have recently started to realize how big and serious the cannabis industry can be. It is not all about getting high while smoking joints, there is also a lot of research and serious development behind the scenes.

Two years ago, I was one of the misinformed people. My knowledge about cannabis was poor and limited, so starting working for a company like Royal Queen Seeds was a huge step for me. My colleagues showed me how our cannabis seed bank can do important work. Thanks to our blog, I started absorbing endless information about cannabis and about how this plant helps people with illnesses such as arthritis or chronic pain. I also learnt what CBD is and about the huge power of this cannabinoid. Trust me and read some of the articles on offer because you won't believe the results people have!

Today, I am a big supporter of CBD and I use CBD oil myself on a daily basis. I love running ultra distances and I train every day. CBD products are helping my muscles to recover faster and fight inflammation. I've said goodbye to painkillers!

Digital marketing is a priority for Royal Queen Seeds. I am working in their online department taking care of our Social media strategy. Our main goal is to connect with our community via our social networks and create content related to cannabis. We are also interested in knowing more from them: What are their thoughts, motivations and questions?
Over the last two years, the cannabis community has become a lot more visible on the Internet. People all over the world have started to see that consuming cannabis is not something you have to hide. What's more, people have started to show others how they grow cannabis and the benefits they enjoy from the various CBD products that are popping-up everywhere.

Some social networks, like Pinterest, do not want people to publish canna-related content, so our community is still not welcome everywhere. However, we are sure that in the close future, it will be.
Two years ago, Facebook was the most-used social network and the majority of our community was on it. Right now, more people are using Instagram. During the last two years, we have won more than 65,000 followers on Instagram alone. Our community now has over 150,000 followers and we reach thousands of canna-lovers every day with our fresh and creative content!
As one of the most well-known cannabis seed banks in the world, we work hard to produce the best canna-related content around. Every day our website publishes a different article with fresh information in several languages. There is still a lot of valuable knowledge to share about cannabis and we want to spread the word. We want to talk about facts, not stigmas.

Our social media strategy follows this line: We want our social networks to be a point of exchange. Helping growers to grow better cannabis is one of our main goals. We also want them to better understand their plants and the different growing methods they can use. Another important part of our strategy is to show people the medicinal potential of this plant. In fact, cannabis can help us in many different ways. Did you know that it's use is one of the best and safest methods of improving sleep?

We want to spread the word and understand more about our community, so our social networks are the best channel we have to connect with all the growers and cannabis lovers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are helping us a lot. We also love Growdiaries where people show how they grow cannabis. It is the perfect place to talk about horticultural techniques.

Influencers are part of our digital strategy. We not only have collaborations with people who grow cannabis, but also with people who use cannabis as a painkiller or to sleep more deeply. Smoking is the most well-known method of consuming cannabis, but there are also other ways, such as ingesting CBD oil.

As you can see, at Royal Queen Seeds, we love creative and high-quality content. Our team is made up of experts, whose goal it is to work as hard as we can to be useful. We are attentive to our community and we explore all the ways and use all the tools we have to be valuable to them.

We thank Pol a lot for the article , and hopefully it was valuable for you not only from the marketing perspective, but also you could learn something new about legal cannabis. Feel free to ask me any more questions at
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