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Butoni Design

ButoniDesign is a Finnish brand that makes minimalist and unique jewellery. Here special attention is paid to details and materials. Each of ButoniDesign's jewellery has its own story and each one is made with a heart.
At the moment we started working with ButoniDesign they were moving from offline to online sales and thus, needed a strong brand image on Social Media and especially on Instargam.

We created a strategy, visual identity and layout design (main feed, stories) that was reflecting key ideas of the brand and new collection.
We created not only the design that can be used for many months but as well photo & video content that brand is still using on their social media & web shop.

Copywriting in Finnish language was also part of the project.
"We wanted to create a feeling of pure and natural beauty, a girl that is going out of the shower and has only her earrings on her."

Anna Agenkova, project manager of ButoniDesign Project
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