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Museum Afisha Helsinki

"Museum Afisha Helsinki" is the main information source about Helsinki city museums for Russian speaking audience. The Vkontakte and Facebook groups daily publish the latest information about exhibitions, excursions, lectures, and workshops. The project was developed by Adelfa Agency Oy with the support of the leading museums of Helsinki. In 2017, Foster For opened and led the Instagram group.
Afisha Helsinki in numbers:

1 000 000 lucky owners of the museum card (Museokortti) can visit during the year in unlimited quantity:
• 245 museums in Finland
• 32 museums in Helsinki

6.6 million people visited museums in Finland in 2016. Leaders:
• Ateneum - 397,198
• Kiasma - 319 945
• Helsinki City Museum - 315 334
• Helsinki Art Museum (HAM) - 253 522
• National Museum - 177,916

There are 955 museums in Finland, including museum houses, homesteads and open-air museums.

Afisha Helsinki was working together with biggest museums in Finland: Kiasma, Ateneum, HAM, Helsinki City Museum, EMMA Museum.
In 9 months we have reached 1,2 K Russian speaking followers on Instagram, got 26 000+ likes, done over 500+ stories and 200+ posts. With weekly reach of 1000+ people and 500+ profile views among Russian speaking audience in Finland.
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